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Fenrir Cufflinks 12mm

Fenrir, son of loki and the norse wolf god.


Fenrir, also know as fenrir sun eater, comes at the beginning of ragnarok (The norse end of the world) to eat the sun and plunge the world into darkness. During the events of Ragnarok, fenrir will fight and slay the All Father Odin


These unique and stylish Fenrir wolf cufflinks are handmade with 925 Sterling Silver.  Beautifully crafted, they feature intricate detailing of a mythical wolf’s head with a Celtic spiral design.  The wolf is perfect symbol strength and courage making this and ideal accessory for any occasion.


Packaged in a high quality recyclable cardboard jewellery box made from renewable sources. Antitarnishing tab included. Delivered by registered post.

Fenrir Cufflinks 12mm


    • Traditionally Hand Engraved
    • Handcrafted in Ireland
    • Hallmarked Sterling Silver
    • Diameter: 12 mm
    • Processing time: 3-5 Working days

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